1Intro, Review of recent crop rotations, planning potato bed
2March 1: Pac Choi sowing, interplanting with catch crops
3April 1: Working bed surface, planting cut and chitted seed russets, timing for next rotation
4April 15: Overplanting pac choi starts
5May 1, 12: Pac Choi shelter in potato foliage
6May 23: Pac-choi harvest
7May 25: Mulching spuds with straw, alternatives discussed
8June 1, 9, 14, July 1: Crop development, last watering June 14, leaves vs straw
9July 17: Sowing windows for winter crops, reusing mulch, harvesting and weighing russets
10July 18: Planning seed bed for mizuna and winter kale, seasonal timing, recent crop review
11Observing soil state, wet the bed (again!), seed bed preparation
12Selecting variety and seed, sowing the seed bed, watering in
13July 24, Aug 4, 9: Kale and mizuna germinating, protecting seedbed from 'pests', crop development
14August 16: Under-weeding and selective thinning/harvesting, identifying and avoiding plant stress to prevent bolting
15August 24: Liquid gold, monitoring your crop, larger harvests commence
16September 1, 9: Blanch-freezing surplus kale for winter, crop development
17Sept 19, October 8,17: The 'second spring' advantage, selective harvesting, powdery mildew comparison
18November 3, 21: Frost and sugar content, garden as fridge, harvest technique
19Dec 5-22: Weed and mulch kale for winter, soil ecology, crop development, sound of sweetness
20December 25: Season eating and relative self reliance
21March 2018: Overwintered kale going strong