1Let's talk about Fabacea, uber-useful plant family of peas and other legumes
2March 12(am): Innoculating soaked pea seed with symbiotic bacteria
3Selecting pea varieties to grow in a small intensive vegetable garden
4March 12(pm): Sowing peas in a length of roof guttering (sorry no transplant footage ):
5BAMBOO Trellis - introducing Phylostachys nigra (and my food forestry video series - coming soon)
6May 10 - June 7: Pea progress, securing pea vine to trellis
7June 14: Pea harvest begins 🙂 Sample yield clips explained 😉
8July 4-14: Pea harvest peaks and winds down
9July 17: Spent pea vines removed to prepare for adjacent winter seed beds
10July 20 - August 25: Introducing - The Mountain Yam (which I have neglected and yet now expect great yield from)
11November 7, 20: Hard frost, Taking a subsoil sample for jar test, laughable yield 🙁 proven methods for next time 🙂