1Learning objectives, recent rotations, and planning the bed
2April 10: Sowing mesclun via pre-seeded compost layer
3April 23, 30: Planting broccoli starts, deterring cats, crop development
4May 6: Mesclun thinning, row thinning of turnips
5May 10: Transitioning from mesclun bed to zucchini mound, mesclun harvest, weeding as harvesting
6May 12, 19: Seeding, germinating, zucchini. Thinning and harvesting mesclun and turnips
7June 1-30: Thinning turnip greens, mesclun winding down, zucchini emerging
8July 1 - August 6: Broccoli harvest, Turnip harvest, assessing variety, remove broccoli plants, zucchini harvest succeed turnips
9August 7: Seeding compost with leek seed for undersowing zucchini, zucchini care and harvest
10September 1: Sept 1, 3: Zucchini harvest peaking, thinning baby leeks, zucchini recharges
11Sept 12, 20, 29, Oct 1: Zucchini 2nd wind
12Oct 8: Preventative zucchini removal
13Leek thinning, overwintering, wrap-up