1Seasonal shift from storage and propagation to crop production, Feb 1 - May 1 new potato catch crop
2May 1: Subtropical veg bed prepped and planted, reading seed quality, review of selected plants
3June 1-3: Subtropical bed establishing well, DIY container mix, containers planted
4June 7, 12: Tomatoes planted to various cultures. Pruning and training indeterminate tomatoes. Crop progress...
5June 20: Crop progress, blast-off season
6July 18: Basil harvest builds, DIY: Liquid Gold fertilizer with qualifications, setting basil up for success
7July 31: Crop progress, tomato harvest builds, troubleshooting chlorosis in squash
8August 1: successful basil plant stacking and companion planting, factors for continued harvest, troubleshooting squash fruit-rot
9August 9, 20: Crop progress, hard-cut basil, DIY liquid gold guidelines, peak tomato, harvest technique and temperature range
10September 1, 5: First harvest of peppers, cape gooseberry, S. villosum, and blue pumpkin. Basil deja vu
11September 26: pepper succession spreads yield, tulsi basil, sense of touch, tomato harvest begins to decline
12October 1, 10: S. villosum seed saved, peak pepper, variety assessment, spider-pepper phenology, house plants>inside
13October 15, 20: matching plants to containers, compost cycling, terminal tomatoes
14Oct 26: Finishing cayenne and fresno pepper harvest seed saving , tomato wrap-up, crop residue vs disease vector
15November 1, 8, 20, Dec 20: final harvest, seed-saving, and violent demise of cape gooseberry plants; greenhouse clean-up, outro