1March 1, 7, 10, 12: Starting broccoli and tomato seed in the greenhouse, introducing - Solanacea (the tomato family), rotation planning
2March 28 - May 1: Cell-pack broccoli transplanted to nursery bed for 1 month before planting out to bed, observation-based irrigation
3How to anticipate and avoid cabbage moth using crop phenology
4May 10, 23: Tomato starts ready for potting up x3 prior to July transplant, broccoli progress
5June 3, 10: Crop progress
6June 13, 15, 17: First broccoli harvest, OP vs hybrid seed, florets, sample yields
7June 15: Outlining steps: from broccoli to tomatoes, organic fertilizer, avoiding clubroot, perking planting holes, liquid gold
8"They say he expired in a bizarre gardening accident", top layer of sifted compost and final watering-in
9July 13, 18, 21: Crop progress, hold-off on nitrogen when time for fruiting
10August 9, 19, 20, 26: Peak tomato harvest
11September 1, 12, 26: Tomato harvest going strong, winding down by end of Sept, future rotations considered
12October 1-9: DIY tomato seed-saving (combined GH outdoor fruits), saving seed from all other 2017 solanums
13October 20-30: finish tomato harvest, paper bag ripening, clearing bed to overwinter as fruit tree storage, protect cats from compost rat traps, wrap-up