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growing your own organic food at the home-scalefitting crops together in time and space to optimize yieldtaking full advantage of west-coast growing conditionsmaximizing your harvests in small garden spacesspreading harvests out across the whole yeareating well without breaking the bank or the biospherereducing your carbon food-print while having fun!developing a practical sense of timing and observationCrop Phenology: using nature as your planting calendarlearning from working models, not just theoretical onesparticipating in the whole process from seed to scalelearning basic raised bed preparation for various cropsthe joy and efficiency of sustainable kitchen gardeninggeeking out on food and nature!learning to use all senses to garden more effectivelyselecting and propagating vegetable varieties from seedunderstanding plant families and crop rotationusing the right technique at the right timeenhancing your soil's ecology and fertilitypreserving your crop with simple lacto-fermetationlearning by observing, adapting, and doingbeing a weaver in your own food-webknowing which seed to save and howproducing for your own zero mile dietlearning about gardening in the garden itselfmeasuring yield and comparing to effortmonitoring soil moisture and watering appropriatelyknowing your insectary allies and pestslinking ecological observations to your own garden timingbeing the change...

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