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Here's what you'll get!

You get access to 13 different lessons, representing over 2 hours of instructional video.

10 of these are full Cropumentries which track garden tasks and crop rotations through the entire growing season, at the rate of 1-3 minutes per month.

In addition, 3 topical lessons covey the basics of preparing seed potato, making fermented preserves from garden produce, and greenhouse seed-starting.

Greenhouse Seed-Starting

Learn what, when, and how to start your vegetables from seed in a basic poly tunnel greenhouse!

Greenhouse Garden

Learn how to grow 10 greenhouse crops over 10 months, in 30 minutes. See how crops develop and yield in both planters and self-watering container culture. You don't have to go to the subtropics to eat there!

All video lessons are accessed via 2 different image maps, and are segmented by video bookmarks, so that you can easily view specific dates, tasks and crops without necessarily watching the whole lesson. Rather than being organized by a vertical or linear curriculum, ETM lessons are organized by time, plant, and bed-section, and are intended to be used as a reference resource for your own garden adventures...