1May 1: Seasonal soil temp thresholds , difficult weeds, recent crop history, useful bamboo
2May 12: Bed prep review, crop plan, milk crate microclimates, timing for conditions
3May 14: Planting out beans, considering root density, tactile phenology, variety selection, GH rain barrel advantage
4Planting out 2 varieties of bush bean for green vs dry harvest
5May 15, 26: Interplanting 'varna' summer leeks with bush beans as a catch crop, kale as beneficial habitat, crop progress
6June 4: Introducing - Mashua (Tropaeolum tuberousum) a catch crop candidate? Let's see...
7June 9, 14: Crop progress, encouraging edible weeds in your soil's seed bank
8July 1-14: Harvesting summer leek catch crop,
9July 17: Campo di Fiori green beans, DIY seed saving, the joy of pantyhose!
10July 21, 28, August 1: Crop progress
11August 9: Crop progress, harvesting dry beans for sample and seed
12August 24: Transitioning from summer > winter rotations via direct sowing windows
13August 25: Prepping bed for turnips using modified 'double-digging', protecting seed bed from cats and hippies
14September 1, 5, 9: Turnip germination across the nation, thinning but not too much in case of help
15September 13: Harvesting Ellen brown stripe pole beans, the vertical advantage
16September 16: reusing bamboo trellis as animal proofing for winter turnip seed bed
17Winnowing and threshing the pole bean harvest, full cost acounting, Oct 1 - turnips going places
18Oct 8, 25: Mashua succession check-in and harvest, thinning/harvesting turnip greens
19November 3, 7, 19: Cold temps enlargen and sweeten turnips
20November 21, Dec 1: Harvesting and fondling mashua tubers with farmer/educator Adam Schick, ongoing turnip harvest
21December 12 - 20: Peak turnip harvest, mulching empty spaces to protect soil over winter, wrap-up